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At Apex we strive to provide the children in our care with a high quality of education. Our staff is committed to setting high standards and motivating the children towards effective learning. Apex is an inclusive school, we recognize and celebrate all abilities and encourage our children to become Independent thinkers. Apex School is a member of Oxford Quality (an agreement between Oxford University Press and Apex School). This will not only benefit from the use of high-quality materials but also receive an exclusive level of consultancy and support from Oxford University Press Pakistan team, together with a range of tools to help us promote our special relationship

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Best Industry Teachers

At Apex School we do consider teachers as an integral part of our success and we do appreciate their untiring efforts and groom them from time to time with the help of internal and external training.

Learn At Your Own Pace

Apex focus on interpersonal skills, and the school has extensive programming that is designed to polish the overall personality of a child. The child is groomed and made to participate in personality.

Learning Opportunities

A school where all members of the school community has equal access to learning opportunities and enjoy growing and learning together. A caring school where all children are happy and well-motivated.


Reviews From Happy Parents

We believe that schools can be the primary environmental factor that provides individuals access to our democratic ideals. They are more powerful to shape a student’s future than any other competing socio-economic factor. If we subscribe to this belief, then it is the responsibility of this charter to create a school environment that is viable for our students.
Shahid Baig
    Shahid Baig


    I hope that you find this information useful. Choosing the right school for your child is a difficult decision for every parent but our website is designed to give you an insight into our school.

    Ambreen Shahid
      Ambreen Shahid


      You are welcome to visit us and discover for yourself what makes “APEX SCHOOL” a different and special school.

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